The Idea!

-- Why WBox --

How many foreign words do you have to learn each day for your foreign language school?

WBox handles your freign vocabulary that you have to practice in day by day basis.
In a very Simple and efficient whay!

wherever you are!
It keeps controll of your process.
Just take a look!

WBox supports foreign vocabulary learning for all the languages that Android can handle.

The Idea!

What really helped me when I was in this situation was what a friend told me to do...
To create a box with 4 parts and cut a small piece of cardboard for every word I had to learn,
write the foreign word on one side and the translation on the other (one word for each peace of paper).
Then fill the first part of the box with the words I had to learn.

I had to parse the words regularly and every word that I knew I should pass it on the next level,
otherwise it should return on the first again.

I could take my cards with me and parse on bus-stop or waiting for the dentist, and put them back on the box while returning home.
Every word that passes all the levels successfully all the 4 layers, is considered to be known and removed from the box.
every word that fails in a level it returns again in the first level

(Simple and efficient!)

No need to write the words again ana again in different pieces of paper

Now... imagine that you don't have to create the box, cut papers and write words...
Imagine that you don't need to carry the peaces of papers,
that the word may speak itself (if you want) and you may hear the pronantiation
and you have WBox!

Yorgos Tryfon